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How Are You Connected?

Posted onMarch 14, 2014 | by: Jeremy Krause | 0 comments

The elders of our church have taken an intentional role in “knowing” the flock. As our staff team has followed suit, we have realized that we are unaware of how a number of you are relationally connected. Furthermore, we have not done as good of a job as we should have done in knowing all the ministries you currently serve in as well as any outside ministries in which you participate....Keep Reading

Pray With Us (Friday)

Posted onFebruary 28, 2014 | by: Jane Schaible | 0 comments

Will you pray with us? The women of First Free are headed off to "retreat" and learn to "press on" together March 7-8! We desperately want this upcoming weekend to be a genuine work of God. Would you commit to pray for our time together? Check back as we will be posting a request each day leading up to the retreat. ...Keep Reading

Marinating In the Gospel

Posted onFebruary 11, 2014 | by: Josh Black | 0 comments

In my sermon on Sunday, I said one of the ways we are to let the gospel abide in you (1 Jn. 2:24) is by “marinating in the gospel.” To remain in the gospel, we need regular exposure to the gospel. In my sermon I listed a number of ways we can have regular exposure to the gospel....Keep Reading