The word disciple literally mean "learner," one who dedicates themselves to learning the way of another. As disciples of Jesus Christ, we should be life-long learners of who he is, what the Bible teaches concerning him, and what it means to follow him. Classes at First Free are designed to do this by offering classes that both pass on the faith and equip people for ministry and Christian living. 

All are welcome to attend any class listed below, but if you're new to First Free we recommend you start with A Closer Look! Learn more here.

Spring Block 1

Block 1 classes met January 8 through March 12.

Colossians: Walk in the Wisdom of Christ
Courage to Conquer: A Study of Biblical Courage
The Life of Moses
Read through the Bible
Read through the Gospels
Room of Grace
The Truth Project

Spring Block 2

Block 2 classes will meet March 19 through May 28. No registration required.

Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands
9:00 am | Room A6 | Class Leaders: Kristen Page and Holly Krahn
This is a class for changing lives. In an age of specialization, it’s so easy to think that God has placed our sanctification in the hands of professional ministry leaders and counselors, but that is not his plan. God calls every church member to participate in building up the body to maturity in Christ. We are all people in need of change called to help other people in need of change. This 10-week study, based on Paul David Tripp’s Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands, is designed to help you follow Jesus’ example of how to get to know people and speak the truth to them.

The Psalms of Ascent
10:45 am | Room B3 | Class Leaders: Chuck Thomas and Gary Wickham
This Psalms of Ascent (120-134) were sung by the people of Israel as they journeyed to Jerusalem for one of the three pilgrimage festivals prescribed in Exodus 23. This class will examine 11 of these 15 Psalms which repeatedly express the need for believers, in community with one another, to trust in God and celebrate his faithfulness, deliverance, help, and mercy. The class will be taught by Dick High and Phil Thengvall.

Psalms of David
7:45 am | Room B3 | Class Leader: Dennis Finley
Who was David? Shepherd, warrior, poet, musician, king? Was he also a prayer warrior, with all those Psalms? We will survey his wonderful writings as we look at some of David's Psalms

Spiritual Blessings for the Christian Life
10:45 am | Room B4 | Class Leader: Stu Puls
This class will look at several topics. From “grace gifts” given to all believers at salvation, to using our spiritual gifts to benefit others, to understanding the trials of the early Christian church; it will be a smorgasbord that feeds spiritual hunger and nourishes the soul.

Galatians (cont.)
9:00 am | Room B3 | Class Leaders: Steve Nave and Wes Penner
Legalism and license are two ditches we’re prone to fall into as Christians. We need help to stay on the road—the gospel-centered and Spirit-filled road of the Christian life. Paul gives us the help we need in Galatians. Paul wrote Galatians to defend the gospel of justification by faith alone against the false gospel of the legalists. But since some readers might interpret Paul’s defense of the gospel of grace as license for immoral behavior, Paul also wrote to show that Christians must bear spiritual fruit. This balance is critical for Christ’s disciples. Come join us as we study this important letter.

Read through the Bible (cont.)
10:45 am | Room B10 | Class Leaders: Mark and Amy Michaelis
This class encourages you to read through the Bible in a year. They use a chronological reading plan and meet on Sundays to discuss the readings and pray for one another in light of it. New students can join at any time.

Read through the Gospels (cont.)
9:00 am | Room B4 | Class Leaders: Paul Lindstrom, Pat Moyer, Cary Lavender, Dave Franson
This class will follow a reading plan to read and discuss the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Participants will read 4-5 chapters per week and then join the rest of the class each Sunday to share insights and to pray for one another.

The Truth Project (cont. through April 9)
9:00 am | Room A5 | Class Leaders: Clayton Laird and Kurt Yowell
A Barna Research Group study revealed a statistic that only 9 percent of professing Christians have a biblical worldview. As a result many believers live very similarly to non-believers and lack a personal sense of significance wondering what life's ultimate purpose really is. The Truth Project, by Focus on the Family, is a DVD-based curriculum taught by Dr. Del Tackett and looks at life from a biblical perspective discussing the relevance and importance of living out the Christian worldview in daily life.