Missions Supply Drive

Join us in supporting our missions partners receiving short-term teams this summer by sending items to help their ministries. Supplies will go to Village of Hope orphanage in Zambia, the team in Albania, Mark Reimschisel’s connections in Moldova, and Ed and Denise Aulie in Mexico. There will be a table in the hallway outside of the church offices to collect items on May 12 and 19.

Would you consider donating any of the following items to send with our teams?

Lubricating eye drops/artificial tears (500 needed)
Boxes of Band-Aids (15)*
Feminine hygiene products/pads (200)
Acetaminophen (large bottle) (6)*
Ibuprofen (large bottle) (6)*
Toothbrushes & toothpaste (3oz) (100ea)*
Board games (20)*
Full size acoustic guitar gig bags with back pack straps (4)
3/4 size acoustic guitar gig bags with back pack straps (4)
Clip-on guitar tuners (8)
Nylon picks medium weight (20)
Acoustic guitar strings (light weight) (20)
Classical guitar strings (20)
Guitar straps (8)
One-hand trigger guitar capo (for acoustic & classical guitars) (8)
Folding A-frame guitar holder (4)
Black and red pens (50)*
Pencils (100)*
Dry erase markers (20)*
Map of the world (for VBS in Albania) (1)
Long thin balloons (for making balloon animals) (500)
Water balloons (not BunchOBalloons or easy fill) (500)
Soccer balls (5)
Volley balls (5)
Jump ropes (5)
Beach balls (4)
Ball pumps (4)
Frisbees (4)
Used suitcases for extra supplies to be left in country (6)*

*Items for Zambia team, leaving May 25.

Questions? Contact Claire Chapman.