Join the Victory!

Sermon Question
- In chapter 5 Deborah and Barak celebrate God's work in their victory over the Canaanites. How have you seen God work recently that you need to celebrate?

- Read Matthew 28:18-20. Our "battle" today is a gospel-battle. This is a mission to see the gospel grow deep in us and go wide to others? How is God calling you into this battle?

- Read Judges 5:12-18. We see division begin to develop in the tribes of Israel. What keeps some of them from joining the battle? Are there things causing you to sit still in the mission of making disciples?

- As this song progresses it become clear that God fights and wins the battle. Do you ever feel it's all up to you? Is there an area of discouragement in your life that this reminder of God's power and ability to accomplish his plans encourages you to faithfulness?

- Do you remember a time when you had a shift in perspective from obligation to opportunity when thinking about God's mission? How did that make a difference?