Strength in Weakness

Sermon Questions
- Read Judges 6:7-10. What is Israel called out on by the prophet? How does fear affect obedience for Israel? What about in your own life?

- Suffering is an opportunity to check our hearts. How has God used suffering in your life to lead to repentance?

- Israel wanted to worship God AND Baal. Where do you see people today trying to "serve two masters?" What does it look like to "hate" God when we try to serve God and something else?

- Read Judges 7:2-4, 7-8. Why does God drastically reduce the numbers in Gideon's army? Share a time when you've seek God work in such a way that there is no question that God was the one at work.

- Look through chapters 6-7 for all the evidences that God is with Gideon and the Israelites. Is there an area of your life where you struggle to believe God is with you?