The Danger of Success

Sermon Questions
- We pursue what we prize, and we are all glory-junkies. How do you know if something you're pursuing is stealing glory from God?

- Of the four ways that we see Gideon pursing his own glory, which one do you relate with the most? (We pursue our own glory when...we punish others for not giving us what we desire; we rely on our own success; we need to be needed; we act like we're in charge.)

- Have you seen the downward turn in your own life of a desire turning into a demand then leading you to take things into you own hands? How did those shifts happen and how did it turn out? How can we guard ourselves against this?

- What is the danger of success? What things help you more deeply understand your dependence on God?

- Read Judges 8:22-23. How do Gideon's actions contradict his words? Are there things that you know in your head but haven't taken hold in your heart in such a way to change your behavior? How would you know?

- Gideon is an imperfect example, but Jesus is the perfect example of pursuing God's glory. Read Philippians 2:1-11. What is one thing you can do this week to help you grow in Christ-likeness toward the example we see in this passage?