Retribution and the Brambleman

Sermon Questions
- Did you play King of the Hill growing up? We all have things we want to control. What is you "hill" now?

- The Israelites weren't just breaking covenant with God they were making covenant with a false God (Baal-Berinth). How do we attach ourselves to things that draw us away from relationship with God.

- What kind of qualities are most important to you in looking for a leader? How is that different from what the world looks for?

- Spend some time praying that our staff, elders, and other leaders would be committed to leading in obedience to God and that we would have a desire to be led in obedience to God.

- What are the things that win out over acting with integrity when you are faced with temptation.

- In the beginning of chapter 10 we see God raising up judges to deliver Israel from themselves. How have you seen this in your own life as a result of God's sanctifying work in your life or your family?