Do or Die

Sermon Questions
- Have you had an experience where you came close but still ended up missing out completely?

- Read Luke 13:22-28. Jesus's answer was probably not what the questioner expected. Why is the door narrow? How would this challenge the Jewish understanding of who will be saved? What are the common misunderstanding of our day about who will be saved?

- The word 'strive' in verse 24 is an ongoing tense and could be translated "be striving." What does this look like?

- What are some things that people equate with knowing Jesus, but really are only association?

- Read Luke 13:29-30. How have you experienced the broad fellowship of the people of God now that is a taste of what is to come?

- Read Luke 13:34-35. How does your attitude toward unbelievers compare with Jesus' lament? Does this passage increase your view of the urgency of the gospel message?