The Lowest Place

Sermon Questions
- Jesus challenged the Pharisees and the way they were adding to the law, but then only following those rules when it suited themselves. Do you see this kind of thing happening today?

- To become humble we must learn to compare ourselves to God and not to others. What is something you can do to grow in being quick to look to God when you're tempted to compare yourself to others?

- What are some things God has used in your life to help you see your spiritual need?

- How does our understanding of grace transform our hospitality? How would your "guest book" stand up to Jesus' teaching in Luke 14? What are other ways beside hosting a meal that we can show hospitality?

- In the parable about the dinner party we see a number of excuses for why people can no longer attend. What are the common excuses you hear for people rejecting Jesus' invitation to eternal life? How often do we let those same excuses keep us from obedience in discipleship?