Student Ministries

Student Ministries exists to fulfill the same mission as First Free: To make disciples of Jesus Christ. Our goal isn’t to create students who love youth group. Our goal is that the grace of the gospel would move our students to love God, love other believers, and love the lost. We seek to disciple students through two main avenues:

Sunday Mornings

Note: Our regular student classes won't meet through the summer (June 2 to July 28). Learn more about our missions class for students through adults>>>

Middle School Class
9-10:15 am, Middle School Room (in the basement)
Students can be a part of learning who God is, what he's done, and what he's called us to. Join us as we equip and disciple students using The Gospel Project curriculum!

High School Servant-Leader Equipping Class
9-10:15 am, Outpost
Students desire to live for more than what's on Shapchat and video games. Students want to make the difference God has called them to. Join us as we equip students to be servant-leaders in the world around them!

Wednesday Evenings

Wednesday evening programming will begin again June 12.

Summer Small Groups
6:45-8:15 pm, Chapel
Students grow best in relationships where they are known by and know other believers. Relationships provide the opportunity to challenge and encourage one another to follow Jesus. Join our small groups as we grow deep and go wide with the gospel together! During the summer months (June 12-July 31) stick around for the After Party in the Outpost until 9 pm.


For more information about Student Ministries contact our Middle School Pastor Lucas McGarity or High School Pastor Jordan Krahn.