52 Club



The 52 Club is a team of supporters established to provide scholarships for students attending special events, like FOCUS Conference, Student Life Camp, and Challenge Conference, while also offering opportunities for students to serve the body of First Free. As a member of the 52 Club, you can benefit from the Student Ministries spring and fall service projects by allowing students to serve you.

Mulch Madness (May 2, 2020): When you sign up or renew your membership with the 52 Club by April 20, you can receive two complimentary bags of premium cedar mulch that students will place in your flowerbed or shrub line. Additional bags can be purchased for $9 per bag. All mulch will be delivered on May 1 and spread by students on May 2.

Fall Work Day (November 14, 2020): Middle and high school students provide 1-2 hours (or less) of service for projects of your choice. Some examples of past projects have included raking leaves, weeding or cleaning out flowerbeds, picking up sticks, washing exterior windows, and sweeping porches and patios.


The 52 Club is open to anyone who would like to support student ministries! Contact Claire Chapman about joining, sign up online, or watch for our annual membership drive Sundays, March 22 & 29.