First Principles Class


While the current crisis is interrupting our local gatherings, it is also creating an opportunity for training. The First Principles class offered by the Charles Simeon Trust focuses on the most fundamental principles for studying and teaching the Bible. As a church we have offered this class a number of times, host an annual pastor's workshop, and Pastor Josh is involved with instructing at Simeon Trust workshops around the country. If you want to know our convictions for how we approach teaching and preaching the Word---this is the the class!

Simeon Trust reduced the cost for all of their online courses and made bulk discounts available to churches, so we want to make this course available to you at no cost. You can sign up and work through the material individually or we will be connecting those of you who sign up and want to work as a group.

To gain access to the course, you'll need to register online on the First Principles course site. To receive the discount code for waiving the fee, email Jo Coltrain before registering.

Let us know if you have any questions. And may the Lord strengthen you in his Word!