Welcome! We'll be here at 10:45 on Sunday morning and look forward to you joining us. The video of this livestream will be made available for replay through the end of the day.

Tech Tips:
- If the video doesn't automatically begin playing by 10:45, you may need to refresh your browser.
- You'll need to unmute the video once we go live.
- If the livestream restarts while watching, refreshing your browser should catch it up to where it is live.

(To watch from where audio trouble began in the livestream, skip to the 40:40 minute mark.)

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Kids Faith Talk Ideas for Parents - 3/29

Song Lyrics - 3/29
Weekly Spotify Playlist - 3/29
(You'll need to log in to Spotify to play the full songs, but accounts are free.) 

Want even more music? Here's another Spotify playlist with hours of playtime, including many songs we sing in our corporate worship gatherings: First Free Wichita Worship Songs.


This Sunday (4/5): Psalm 96
Next Sunday (4/12): 1 Corinthians 15