Men's Ministries

Men’s ministries exists to support First Free’s mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ who glorify God as the grace of the gospel grows deep in God’s people and goes wide to all peoples. We support that mission through four primary means: large group events, service opportunities, accountability, and interest groups. Our aim is gospel-centered activities that equip and enable men to build-up the body of Christ with their God-given gifts and to provide conduits for gospel-centered relationships between men.

Service Opportunities

Go To Guys
Contact: Steve Schatzman
Go To Guys (GTG) is a ministry designed to come alongside widows and single women in our church to support and demonstrate Christ’s love through doing service projects around their home. Guys form a small group with three or four other men to serve widows and single moms in our church on a monthly basis. Not only is GTG a tangible way to use your gifts to live out James 1:27, but its also a great way to support and build relationships with other men. Do you have to be a handyman to serve? No! Regarding skills—we all have different skills and abilities when it comes to working around the house. GTG is a great way to mentor and impart your home project skills to others or learn something new for yourself.


Contact: Chris Brunson, Licensed Professional Counselor

Let’s face it, accountability is scary but we all know we need to do it. God didn’t create us to walk the Christian faith alone. When men gather in the name of Christ for gospel-centered accountability things happen! Chains are broken; joy and hope are found. Uncharted is a no-cost, confidential group for men who have something they haven't fully shared, maybe with anyone. Issues may include any hurt, habit, or hangup men are facing. It’s time to get real. It's time to get help. You will find freedom when you face these fears, for Jesus is ready to heal you!

Interest Groups

Disc Golf
Contact: Ken Voth
This group gathers to play the best sport ever—disc golf. We enjoy playing for free, learning skills from each other, attempting self-improvement, and of course joking and camaraderie. Veterans and newbies to the sport are both welcome. If you are just wanting to try it out, you don’t need to buy anything. We always have extra discs you could borrow initially, and we can give you good advice on where to buy quality discs of your own, once you are hooked. We currently play Monday nights. Location and start time are emailed to the group prior to tee-off. We hope to see you there!

Strategy Games
Contact: John Hendley
This is a group that meets monthly to play board games like Settlers of Catan, Power Grid, Ticket to Ride, and 7 Wonders. We are happy to teach the rules to new comers and we are open to learning new games as well. The gatherings are typically on a Friday or Saturday at 7:30 PM. While we enjoy our game play, it is also a good opportunity to meet others in the church and get to know them on a deeper level.